Combining BrewPi Spark with a SSVR

It is my understanding that pulse based throttling of heating elements from the BrewPi Spark, will not be available within the near future.

I do however need to throttle my heating element, as it will be used for several purposes:

  1. Maintaining mash temperature (no throttling necessary)
  2. Maintaining a rolling boil (some throttling required)
  3. Raising fermentation temperature (a large amount of throttling required)

My brewery consists of a BIAC vessel, with the 3-phase 5500W heating element/SSR from the brewpi store.

I am interested in hearing if anyone has done any thoughts on throttling.

I have been looking at the Auber DSPR1, but it doesn’t seem like it is possible to but it between the BrewPi Spark and the 3-phase SSR.

I then looked at the Auber SSVR25A, and thought about putting a simple on/off switch on two of the phases going to the heating element, and the Auber SSVR on the third.

Something like this:

What do you think?

PWM actuators will be in the next release

Yes, PWM is already working in my test builds. I have been using it to cook sous vide a lot.

However, what I have not finished yet is a rewrite of the entire control algorithm, so that each actuator has its own PID.
I don’t think I can finish that before I go on a 2 week holiday next week.

What I could do is release a version where the fridge actuators are PWM, but very simple:
PWM value = (fridge setpoint - fridge temp) * scale value.

Because there is no integrator, it will get stuck a bit below setpoint, but you can manually correct your setpoint for that.

It will take several weeks until I am ready to brew with my new setup anyway, so I can wait.

I was just considering including a SSVR in the controller box.