Complete beginner!

I have acquired a spark (v1 I think) and a rpi 3b+.
the spark is running brewblox v666633f0 (2020-04-20), it boots up with the previous owners setup.
the rpi boots up, I think ok, but I cannot connect to it at the moment. I think i need to set it up.

  1. i would like to run a simple set up, say a mash single temp probe to run a pump and recirc heater (at the same time) and at other times an already built brew fridge heater. the probes and switches will be to the fermter fridge or mash tank.
  2. I realise the brewpi is old, is that the best version of brewblox for this?
  3. can i set up the brewpi to a windows pc instead of the rpi, can it run without the rpi after i have put in the variables? i want it at a later stage but want to test it stage by stage as I dont know rpi or linux!
  4. is there a dummies type guide for all of these?
  5. my rpi card seems blank, at least to windows, is that normal?
    many thanks to all that help.

If the Spark runs brewblox at all, it is still supported in the latest version.

After initial setup, the Pi is still used. It collects history data, and hosts the UI. We recommend the Pi because it’s a cheap and simple way to have a dedicated server. You don’t need to know much about Linux to run Brewblox. We cover the absolute basics in the startup guide, and the brewblox-ctl command can be used to start / stop / update.

Technically you can install the brewblox services on a Windows PC, but this is done by installing Linux inside Windows, and it requires some advanced knowledge of both.


I suggest following the startup guide at Getting started | Brewblox. This will get you a fresh install with the latest version.

After installation, you can run some of the quick start wizards to get automatically generated settings. Don’t worry about breaking anything: it’s very simple to clear and recreate all your blocks.