Connecting heating element to Spark4


when heating my frementer, Brewblx will control a 220V (2.3A) heating element. Cooling is a 12V solenoid.

My questions is if for the heating side I have to connect all six of the pins (3x -, 3x +) with my SSR? Is it OK when heating runs with external 12V supply too (because of the 12V solenoid I need external supply?), or do I need seperate modules for heating and cooling, one 5V the other 12V?



If the heating element is controlled by SSR, the control wire on the SSR will not have a 2.3A load. You can use 1x + / 1x - here.

If the heating SSR is rated for >12V on the control side (ours are), you can use the same GPIO module for both heating and cooling.

Thanks! So, 1A and 1x + and 1x - is enough for the control wire on the heater side.
The SSR input is 3~32DCV, so I should be fine with 12V external power for both.

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