Connector type on onewire temperature sensors

I bought a few onewire temperature sensors to upgrade my HERMS system. A couple of the cables are to short to nicely install them. I’d like to replace the cable that came with the sensor with my own. What type of connectors are you using on your one-wire cables that plug into the sensor? I do have RJ12 connectors to put on once side, I’d need the other one.


I suppose you are talking about the threaded or wall mounted sensors.
The connector on one side is RJ11 (same form factor as RJ12, but with only the middle 4 pins) and the other side is M16.

As an alternative, you could use the RJ12 coupler and an RJ12 cable:

Yes, the M16 5-Pin female connector plug is the one I was thinking about. Thanks!

Hi guys! I am getting started with pi and am excited to find your temp sensor. I don’t think I am ready to invest in a spark yet and just want to use the threaded temp sensor in a thermowell. How can I connect it to my raspberry pi or breadboard? Sorry if this is a easy question, Im just getting started. Wanted to make sure it will work before I ship it across the pond.

The threaded sensor in a thermowell doesn’t make much sense, so maybe you mean something else?

Or simple sensors are 6mm diameter and are ideal for sliding down a narrow thermowell.

The threaded sensor uses an M16 connector to the cable and an RJ11 connector at the end of the cable, just like all our other sensors.

Thanks for getting back. I was looking at this
to attach to a Tee in my hydronic loop thermowell may be the wrong term. I wanted to then attach it to the pi. I will look up these connection methods. If you have a link in the forum to how to hook it up to the pi that would help tremendously.

We don’t hook it up to the pi, because the BrewPi Spark interfaces with the sensors, not the pi. If you want to connect it to a pi directly, google for DS18B20.