Control Boil Intensity

Hi all,

Just did a brew with the boil kettle on a PID. The boil intensity varied a lot during the boil - from close to boil over to near nothing happening.
Is it possible to simply set the % time on of the element? If i could just dial it up to the optimal for my system it would be a lot easier than fiddling with the PID. Is this possible with the current software?

You can indeed use a PWM without a PID to control a boil, but we also have support for this in the PID itself.

If you open the PID settings, you can set the minimum boil output. Now when boiling (setpoint >= 100°C), output will always be at least that.
When you stop boiling (lower the setpoint), the setting is inactive.

This way you can both quickly reach boil temp, and maintain the boil with just enough power.

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