Controller debug message: WARNING 2: Temperature sensor disconnected pin 0

Got my brew Spark up and running with no known problems, did a test run and everything seems fine.

I have just gone through the STDERR: log and seen lots of these messages.

Is this anything to be worried about as the device seems to be redirected almost instantly.


I have been seeing the same error on my room temperature sensor.

I have tried a different socket and clearing all the sensors and installing again but it keeps happening.

As it is not involved in the temperature control it doesn’t seem to affect anything but it is filling my logs!


That’s interesting @citruschris, mine is also set as the room temp, like you I have tried different ports, might try another sensor that I have.

I have tried mine on different ports and different sensors and i get the same error on mine…

Stability improved with the latest release. I used to get the same error on all sensors

I have also had problems trying to remove the sensor, having to reset the whole interface and clear everything to do it.
It also affects another sensor once set up as room temperature.

Thanks @Jack for the information, I will not bother with the testing of different sensors if you have already tried. I am using 2.10 and have looked back through the err log and do see a few different sensor showing the same problem. The main issue seems to be the outside sensor which covers 98% of the errors and the other 2% being the other sensors.

As the outage only last fractions of seconds I assume that this does not affect the control of the fermentation chamber.


Well, mine are sometimes down for up to a minute or two at a time. The room temp sensors aren’t involved in the control as far as I can tell. So this isn’t really a big issue for me. Just makes the logs look dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow a minute, glad it’s only your room sensor.


originally when getting the error, i would even recieve errors for sensors where the address was different by a few digits to any of the sensors i own, but once again this seems to have been fixed with the stability fix in the latest update.

I have created an issue for this bug and will investigate this further. I don’t think it affects temp control, because the sensor is almost always back immediately. The room temp sensor is not even used by the temp control algorithm.

Thanks @Elco, As you say it’s not affecting the brewing, Current test has them at 20c ±0.1 which is great.

Let me know if you need any debugging info.


Same issue here, and on the room temp sensor as well. Getting frequent disconnect/connects matched by an odd graphing.

The Fridge and Beer probes are nice and smooth, but as you can see the polling on the room temp gets stuck (or isn’t polled as often) and is a sawtooth graph. This is combined with the disconnect messages.

If you need anything as well for debugging, I’ll be happy to help.

The fact that the room temp sensor is not smooth is not due to disconnects.
The sensors have a resolution of 0.0625 degree Celsius. The fridge and beer sensor are filtered, so they are smoothed between the 0.0625 degree steps.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Makes perfect sense.

Hi, I’m having this same problem, any solutions yet?

Also got this problem… Any resolution?

If the sensor reports disconnected but returns immediately, don’t worry. It is reinitialized and reading data correctly.
Why the warning appears and appears more often with the room temp sensor is still unclear to me. I have not looked into this, because sensors are handled differently in the next release.