Controlling IKEA Tillreda induction plate?

I recently bought a cheap IKEA Tillreda induction plate as a stepping stone to electrical brewing (now I’m doing everything on my gas stove).

I only use my brewpi/blox for fermentation temperature control, but was wondering if it would be possible to control the induction plate. Does anyone have experience with this? I would need to disassemble the whole thing because it has a crappy touch interface…

Sorry if I’m asking stupid questions, only just beginning to automate the whole brewing process… :slight_smile:

If you can disassemble / hack the plate to the point where it turns on immediately when you plug it in, then interrupting the power cable with an SSR is trivial.

I have no experience with this specific induction plate, so can’t tell you how complicated it will be to hack it.

I’ll see how far I get. I found instructions online on how to completely bypass everything and directly control the induction coil, but I think that’s going a bit far (and above my skills).

If I make any noticeable progress I’ll keep this thread updated.

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