Controlling more than one action at a time

I was wondering how easy it would be to add being able to command two actions as the result of one heating or cooling command. What I am wanting to accomplish is use the valves you sell to control heating (as I mentioned in my other post) which you said should be easy to do, but the way i want to set it up is that if heating is needed valve ONE is opened and valve TWO is closed. i am not currently seeing where that would be possible since heating and cooling are controlled as single individual actions. Easiest was i could see it implemented is some sort of way to where if heat needed turn on (open) this valve and have a AND command for some other action.

If anyone has any advice or insight that would be great

This is not possible in the current version, but will be possible in the net version we are working on.

Elco, do you have an ETA for the next release, if else a beta that needs to be tested? We are in need of multiple chamber support as soon as possible. Thank you for the good work and see you next sunday :wink:
Stefan & Jeroen Bron - BrouwerijBron

It will take a few months before we have anything good enough for release.
We are rewriting all layers from scratch, so it is a lot of work.

Multi chamber needs a new approach to device discovery, data logging, a new UI, etc.