Countdown timer

Heya, not sure if there is a function like this allready. Is it possible to add a countdown timer widget. It doesent have to control anything, just to keep track of time passed. Maybe it could have a little alarm that can be configured when the timer reaches a defined setpoint.

Alarms / notifications can be configured in the automation service.

A timer widget is definitely doable as well. I’ll make an issue for it.

Thanks, a timer widget would be nice to have on the dashboard during brewday.

The automation service - that means the part that is still in Alpha, right?

I’m thinking that the countdown timer widget should be integrated in a way that values of MINUTES, SECONDS as well as a bool of RUNNING and RESETTED(is timer set to 00:00:00?) should be able to be read, and a RESET/START signal to be sent. That way, when programming automation one could run an if statement to se if the minutes are over say 90 minute(mash), then reset timer to 00:00:00. When temperature has risen to next step(say 67 degrees). Start timer again, and wait for say 30 minutes before performing next step.

Which language will we be able to program in? I’m hoping for C…


The automation service has the “Time elapsed” condition, which works pretty much as you described. We can and want to support multiple ways to set times. The Stopwatch widget will likely remain the implementation that’s intentionally kept stupid simple.

You can already program backend services in any language you’d like, as long as it runs in Docker. Feel free to drop a message if you’re looking for ways to integrate it.

Automation scripts currently use Javascript, and are likely to stick with that: it doesn’t need a compiler, can be sandboxed, and has a low barrier to entry.

I upvote a countdown timer widget!

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I also vote for the countdown timer widget.

I’ll have a look at restarting that feature. We originally gave it to an intern, who got a job offer before he could finish it.

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