Customising BrewPi with Docker

Hi, is it possible to make changes in BrewPi’s files when using docker and containers? I tried to change the sensor names in the container, but nothing seems to happen. The changes aren’t visible on the web page.


You should be able to change the names on top here:

And where do I have to change this file? Or how do I get this in Docker?

I thought you said you already changed files in the container, so I thought you knew.

This file would be in /var/www/html/js/main.js inside the container. You could use portainer to get into the console of the container.

Thanks, I changed the names but still nothing happens. Restarting the container doesn’t help. Do I have to rebuild it or something similar?

My guess is that your browser is caching the page file. Try control-F5 for a full refresh.

It worked with control-F5!

Thanks Elco!

I am able to get into the command line via portainer and would like to change the name of log temp 1 to “Room Temp”

What are the commands needed to do this? I know it is a basic question, but I don’t mess around much in the command line and don’t want to mess anything up.

Thank you,