Dan's dual fridge build (conicals)

Here’s my fridge since upgrading to a conical fermenter. I’ve incorporated a blow off tube and thermowell into the same hole in the lid using a T-piece. Had to build a new shelf for it:


Nice setup!
I’m going to make a massive assumption that you are in NZ because of the Malt Mechanics Conical Fermenter? Can you let me know where you got your tube heater from? I’ve been struggling to find this here in NZ. Cheers!

You would be correct. I got a couple of them from the UK when I was last there. I have a 120W one I probably won’t use but it’s quite long so would probably only fit in a chest freezer.

@Dan: I have moved your posts to a new topic.

What looks to be a computer fan integrated into the shelf/stand immediately below the fermenter outlet, can I assume that’s in order to move cold air up / warm air down?

Correct. Just to keep the air circulating

Thanks @elco. Sorry I didn’t do this originally. By the way it’s not a dual setup. It’s just 2 pictures of the same fridge