Data to External InfluxDB?

I’d really like to get my data into an instance of InfluxDB. I’m currently doing so with the HomeAssistant service but obviously that’s a limited data set. Any chance of re-incarnating the previous InFlux connector to optionally send data to an external InfluxDB in addition to what goes to VictoriaMetrics for the core functionality?

This is not something we’d want to officially support, but the actual conversion of Brewblox history data → Influx Line Protocol is trivial, to the point where I may as well put it in a script. Depending on preference, this can be done in Python or Javascript (for Node-RED).

Just getting back to this after a busy summer. I haven’t really looked at how data ingress works with InfluxDB besides a general understanding of configuring Telegraf for various sources. This does indeed look trivial and I think I might take a shot at it myself in Javascript.