DC Current Expansion Board

I have purchased one DC Current Expansion board.

I have 2 SS Brewtech FTSS2 heating upgrade kits. Glycol cooling is provided by converted maxi 310 using python pump on maxi to pump glycol through cooling coils in SS brewmaster edition 14g fermenters controlled by brewblox. Glycol flow through coils activated by brewblox switching solenoid valves on or off via SSR connected to Spark V2 by SSRS one wire expansion boards to control cooling on both fermenters.

My query is given I’m not using the stock SS Brewtech cooling pump can I connect both the SS Brewtech heating pads to the one DC Current expansion board and if so do I just need to connect one of the SS Brewtech DC power bricks to the expansion board and I can drive both the heating pads from the one DC expansion board To control heating on both fermenters?

Also I note the DC expansion board has 4 DC terminals but I’m not clear which are input DC and which are output DC. I looked at the photo on the shop and think the left most terminal, if the DC terminals were facing me is the DC input and then there are three outputs, is this correct?

Hope this makes sense!

I would not short circuit 2 power supplies (which is what you would do). This might result in power flowing from one power supply to the other power supply directly.

The board has 4 terminals. The first and last are connected for daisy chaining (using 1 power supply for multiple boards by linking them together). You can plug the supply in the first or the last one.

The heating pads are 70W, so you can only power 1 with each power supply. Daisy chaining them is only recommended with lower power outputs, like small pumps.

If your solenoids are 12V, you could also switch them with the DC boards.

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Cool I’ll get another DC Current expansion board ordered. I’m hoping to eventually move to the MOTORIZED BALL VALVE 1/2" BSP you guys supply when they are back in stock ( Any timeframe for this?) to simplify the wiring. The ones I have are 240v.

I’m going to redesign that board to be more suitable for other types of valves and solenoids.
The goal is to have a board to connect more than 2 valves and to not get power from the RJ12 ports.

I don’t know yet when exactly I will find time to redesign it.

What about the actual ball valves are they due back in stock soon?

No, I’m also looking for a new supplier for those :slight_smile:

Possibly I’ll stock a different type than the 5 wire version. If I can design a board with current sensing, the end stop switches are not needed.

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