DC supply options

OK, so I hacked my fridge, compromised on the fly because the online wiring diagram from the manufacturer wasn’t quite right. Probably a standard issue that the power to the therm
and door switch/lamp is common and is split at the internal therm. I included an SPDT switch to enable a Brewpi mode switched to a standard fridge mode (“the fridge is absolutely normal as it was” ) so I had to compromise slightly.
I also have an issue where the (brewpi) fridge is plugged in and working but the RPi supply is unplugged or stolen to charge a phone!

Now on to topic:
I want to add DC supply hard wired into the fridge :slight_smile;

Clearly I need a PSU. My guess is that I’m better off providing 12VDC to the BrewPi so that once set it will soldier on.
I also want 5VDC for the RPi and I understand its a littel fussy.

My plan was a 240VAC to 12VDC PSU hard wired into the fridge (2A or 5A) - I’m in the UK
then a 12VDC to 5VDC “buck board” - available cheaply - to act like a dual tap - 12VDC and 5VDC
am I better off with two PSUs - one at 12VDC and one at 5VDC.

My prime concern is to make it fit behind the fridge and to make it fault tolerant, currently I power the BrewPi from the USB from the RPi which works OK but is frail.
Suggestions welcome!

The next update, for which I’m putting a beta online shortly, will bring WiFi support.

That will allow you to put the raspberry pi somewhere else in the house. In that case, you only need 12V in the fridge.

The pi is quite fussy about how it is powered. I would not get a very cheap buck board. It would be easier to just use an official power supply for the pi and maybe add a power socket to the fridge where you can plug it in. You could also make a built in double socket and just plug in a 5V and 12V power supply.

Great answer, thanks Elco.
I’ll (plan to) add a 12VDC PSU to the fridge to power the BrewPi and await developments.
That gives me a clear plan - thank you.