Dedicated kveik fermenting vessel

Hello All,

I’m thinking of repurposing a stainless FV I have, it’s a 30L capacity & I’d like to use it to pilot a few brews with the kveik strains I’ve got (12),
Would installing a low wattage element be overkill for the heating side?
I’ll fit a thermowell into the FV as well?
I don’t use a fermenting fridge currently I have two unitanks that use the FTSS system for heat & cool, at present I’ve got a 30W reptile heat pad wrapped around the FV with a home made insulation jacket, but to be honest it’s not keeping it warm enough, kveik is happiest at 35-40C

It is overkill, but you could use a pwm block with a 1m period to drive the element and configure a PID so it will get a very low on percentage. I would also add a maximum constraint on the pwm block.

A 100W heat belt would be a good solution without making holes.