Defining PID Function

Hi Elco et al.,

I am setting up fermentation chamber no3 run by my Spark and for some reason the Wizard is not working, may possibly be due to poor WiFi connectivity (another issuer that I am working on). I decided to build the setup directly in the builder instead however I have run into another snag. The PID Block I set up for cooling appears to be hard set on heating, I have gone through all the settings and I cannot find anywhere a means to define the function of the PID, heating or cooling?


How is the wizard not working? It doesn’t make any external calls, so if you can access the UI, the wizard should work.

A PID with a negative Kp setting is a cooler.

Hi Bob, thanks for the fix, makes sense now. With regards to the Wizard, then when get to the final stage and press the configure button, it runs for a while then times out. Can’t remember the exact words but basically it’s poor communication and a time out.

Indeed sounds like a controller communication problem then. If possible, you may want to switch to USB. If Wifi is unreliable, the controller will still function, but you’ll see gaps in history data.