Deleted the OneWire GPIO Module block

Hi there,

by mistake I deleted the OneWire GPIO Module block not only from the dashboard, but also removed the block. My control chain has changed due to that. I attach a screenshot, the former module was bottom left (marked green) and is now top left (marked red). If I click on the “green” one I get the error " Block not found: New|IoArrayInterface-1"

I believe there is a logic behind this control chain, right? Do I run into trouble with this situation? How can I get back to the “green” module?



Right now, your Digital Actuator blocks are trying to target a block that no longer exists (the old GPIO module). Because the hardware is still connected, the Spark automatically discovered a “new” GPIO module.

To fix this:

  • Rename the GPIO module from “New|OneWireBus” to something that makes sense to you
  • Edit the GPIO module, and create two SSR channels (heating + cooling). Assign the two channels to the correct pins.
  • Edit Ferment Heat Actuator, and select the heating channel as target channel
  • Edit Ferment Cool Actuator, and select the cooling channel as target channel

The “???” / “New|IoArrayInterface-1” will disappear from the relations diagram as soon as the actuators have a new target channel.

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