Developers guide?

Soon my new brew rig arrives, and I would like to have my BrewPi Spark ready for controlling the mash/boil kettle by then, preferably using the touch screen only.

Being a software engineer I wouldn’t mind contributing, but I need a helping hand on how to get my development environment up and running.

I have experience developing for multiple platforms, including Java, C++, arduino and php, I also use Git on a daily basis. So what I need to know is what to check out, how to set up my tool chain and a few hints on how to build and deploy the software.

Is there some sort of developers guide somewhere?

I wrote a guide for Spark here:

It might be a bit outdated for BrewPi development, but installing the software tools is still valid.
The firmware repo contains a netbeans project. If you put both firmware and spark-firmware in the same dir, the brewpi makefile will find the spark dependencies and build against them.

We use Slack for communication between developers, I’ll invite you. Would you mind following the guide, tracking your steps and just ask on Slack when info is missing? That way we will make the updated guide together.

For python development, we have an open source license for IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm, available on request for brewpi devs.

Thanks for the link and the invite,

I will run through the guide this weekend, taking notes along the way.