Development Update?


Multi process will be possible, valves can be driven. What won’t be in the release is this type of UI to toggle many valves at once:

Spark V2 with white screen

Fantastic! Can’t wait. Thanks.


Elco, thank you and everybody else that has helped get BrewPi to where it is today. BrewPi has come a LONG way over the years. I’m really excited about the new platform. I do have one hope however, that I can still use my Tilt with the new BrewBlox setup. Monitoring / controlling temp is important but SG dictates the process (when to do a diacetyl rest, when to cold crash and when fermentation is done). The ultimate power would be to be able to automate temp changes based on SG (provided by something like the Tilt) and not time as that is not a true indicator of when the beer is ready for the next step.

At the end of the day, this platform is amazing and has made brewing just that much better. I did a presentation of BrewPi at my brew club and people were amazed this kind of tech exist. So keep up the good work guys!



We already took into account external integrations and will be able to add tilt support shortly after launching the base functionality.

I also have a long term project for a more accurate SG sensor that I’d like to use for controlling fermentation rate, with temperature being an intermediate force instead of the goal.

First things first though, the framework that will enable all of that.


That would be really cool. Especially if it uses non-reactive materials. The main reason I haven’t gone for a tilt-hydrometer is that I have reservations about immersing a polycarbonate container in my wort (especially for sour beers).