Device configuration won't stick

So I’ve wired my fridge with SSRs and a heater.
I’ve plugged my sensors into one-wire (btw the one wire SSR expansion board is a mark of genius).

Some time ago I configured my sensors as fridge and beer. Now I plug then back in and the SSRs are detected so I have added them but I can’t get my Beer sensor setting to stick. All the others show as insalled now but not the beer sensor.

I see it as a detected device but when I set it to a new device slot and apply it resolutely refuses and t sticks as detected instead of applying the changes. As a result no beer temp on the brewpi (photon v2)
my plan was to leave it on overnight to see how it gets on in fridge constant.

Any pointers - should I be looking at my logs to find out why?

Can I uninstall all of them and try a fresh install (and how)?

So I have added a screenshot and one thing I notice is that my temp probe no longer has a device type, unlike the other temp sensors?
I try to change the device slot (to 5 - nothing assigned that slot, or 0 nothing assigned to that either)
and the function to Beer temp but when I click apply no changes are made.
I had previously assigned this device to beer (one wire address ends in F for fermenter).

In advanced settings I found the reset photon to factory defaults, which removes all installed devices.
I reset.
I unplugged all the one wire apart from the beer sensor.
It still would not assign it to a slot and/or function.

I reset again and plugged the one wire back in and unplugged the beer sensor.
I started installing discovered devices.
I tried to install a different one wire temp sensor as beer temp and I have the same problem. It seems I cannot install a beer temp sensor which is a bit of a blow.

Now I have got it. A beer sensor is not a chamber device, it needs to be set to beer1 !
Apologies for my stupidity :slight_smile:
I think this may have been a change from when I bought the BrewPi and played with it to now when I have finally got around to hacking a fridge.

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