Device list not refreshing

Hey all,
I just received my Spark v3 and so far has been easy to set up with my RPI 3 but when I attempted to configure my devices, there seems to be nothing going on. When I refresh device list, the pinwheel just keeps spinning and nothing gets refreshed. I hope this is just something simple here that I’m missing.

Some questions to help diagnose the problem:

Does the button on the top say ‘script running’?
How did you install? With Docker?
How are the Pi and Spark connected?
Do you see anything in the JavaScript debug console (F12)?

The button on top does display that the script is running and also temperatures are being logged. I installed using Docker as the Wiki instructed and went with the option to connect via USB.
Here is a little more background. I was able to get the devices to display and I assigned the temperature sensors and actuators for my chamber. I left the maintenance panel and went back to the device configuration tab selected refresh and does not seem to load. I then restarted the everything and was able to see the list again and the devices were installed correctly but when I attempt to refresh the list again the problem returns and will not load. I am attaching a few images to show the logs and what I am actually seeing

This error came up after some time trying to refresh the list.

Bottom error: no contact with the script. Could be because of top error.

Top error: seems like you have a serial communication problem.

  • Are you powering the pi with a power supply with at least 2A?
  • Did you try a different USB cable?