Device settings functionig irregularly

Hi everyone! Best wishes for the new year.

I ran into a strange problem concerning my BrewPi device config.

After a couple of sessions faithfully monitoring my HERMS mashing temperature, the BrewPi seems to have gotten in to a bit of a rebellious streak. When I update my device settings in the device configurations menu, I get all of my devices accurately showing up with the correct values and no errors. If I try to change the settings, it sends them to the photon with no errors either. The strange thing is though: If I refresh my device settings again the new settings won’t show up in the menu.

For the temperature sensors this seems to be the case only in the menu. The rest of the UI picks up their values and the script runs as it should with the corresponding values. Eg: I change an unassigned temp sensor to chamber temp in the device config. After refreshing the device list, the new settings won’t show up in the device config menu but the UI now fetches the fridge temperature correctly from this sensor and the script can use its values correctly too to signal if it should be heating or idling.

For the actuators the problem is a bit more serious. I can’t change them in any way and as soon as the BrewPi script starts running, one of the outputs on the BrewPi starts sending full power out, regardless of the script’s indication of heating or idling.

I am running a BrewPi docker that I fetched today with the default setting ‘latest’ enabled on HypriotOS 1.6. Does anyone have a clue what I can try to do to fix it? Thanks in advance!

I usually have to click the refresh button twice to get see updated settings. Don’t know doing so would help with your problem but it’s easy to try.

Unfortunately, the fix isn’t this easy. :frowning: Thanks for the suggestion, though!