Devices configuration

Hello everyone,
I have been brewing with brewpi for a year now and i really like it.
One thing that i encounter is that once my fermentation is over, i disconnect the beer sensor in order to remove the bucket from the fridge. in the next brewing session i need to remove all devices, do a power cycle and install them again. if i dont, the drop down menus for configuring the devices are null.
Its not a big deal but if there is a solution it would make it a lot easier .
thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,

I don’t understand exactly what is happening. Which dropdown are you talking about?
If you plug in the beer sensor, it should just be discovered again and start logging again.

Do you have a BrewPi Spark and are you running version 0.4.4?


Hello Elco,
if you disconnect the beer temp and plug it again the “function” drop down menu in device config only shows “none” or “null” and that’s when I need to remove all devices and do a power cycle.
version is 0.4.3 as i didn’t have a chance to update .
thanks in advance!

Only the beer temp should be assigned to beer 1. The others should be ‘chamber device’.
You should also update to 0.4.4. There is a serious bug in 0.4.3 that can cause a complete lockup of the system.

ok thanks, i’ll try it once my fermentation is complete