Devices not able to install

I have (finally) get my spark up and running with the stretcher version. The script is up and running. I did not manage to connect via USB, so the connection is over wifi.

I am not able to install any devices.
This is what I get:
Parsing installed devices
Parsing available devices
Device list updated for p1 with a V3 shield after refresh.
After refresh, the function returns to none.
Suggestions anyone?

Can you try clicking the ‘reset factory defaults’ button at the bottom of advanced settings?

Tried this some times. No progress doing this. One my way giving up this project now. I will give it a last try.

The reset factory are working, and put the spark in test mode as it should. But not able to save the sensors anyhow.

The communicaton seems to be ok in all other ways.

Everything now up in working now-)
Not easy for a novice in computers.