Did I burn my BrewPi?

While wiring my control box I accidentally connected the rj12 to my sensor in reverse order… I guess the result is there was 12V going into the one-wire lead. The result is a white screen on the spark, no beep while booting and no status light in the back. I’ve got the Spark V2 version…

That could be fatal to the board, yes.

If you connect the Spark over USB, and run lsusb, does it show up? (See here for expected output)

How far away is the V4 to being available? Worth waiting for or should I order a V3?

For a V2, there is a slight chance that you damaged the photon, but not the rest of the board. That could be worth a shot.

The first V4 prototype will be assembled tomorrow, if the last components are delivered on time. Then some firmware development and testing and a production run. If all goes well, they are ready end of April I think. Probably worth the wait.

The photon is dead, tried the lsusb command, but the led on the board is also dark so it’s definitely gone. I’ve ordered a new one… Once I get it, can I just run the Brewblox-ctl flash and be on my way or does it need som other code before that?

Flash, then bootloader, and you should be good to go.

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For future reference, I can confirm that it was only the Spark who suffered. Replacing it did the trick.