Did my legacy brewpi arduino board bite the big one?


finally back on the brewing train… but ran into some weird issues with my legacy BrewPi setup.

the relay feeds power to both outlets on the box in heating, cooling and idle modes. I’ve reset to defaults, confirmed the wiring and device settings… I’m wondering if the arduino has crapped the bed? Settings had not changed since I last used it, no other issues I’ve noticed. I mostly used it in fridge constant mode for the last two years, storing different things… but not beer. :frowning:

yes, I know I’ll like the newer brewpi setup better… but for right now, with beer in the fermenter I’m hoping someone can help me band-aid this problem.


The simplest way to check if your arduino died would be to connect some leds to the IO ports, and load a simple program that toggles them all in turn.

SSRs have an LED built-in. If they fail, they tend to fail in a closed state.

A multimeter to measure the voltage on the ssr input would be my next step.

Also check that you have actuators set up in the device manager.

Thanks for the responses. checked the LEDs and everything appeared in order. even got the SSR ‘click’ when it I expected it. Flashed my pi back to default installation and updated to Jessie. flashed the Uno board again and it appears everything is back to working order. always a chance the previous flash attempt of the UNO didn’t take. Kudos for all your work, Elco. I look forward to upgrading soon!

If your SSR says click, it is not an SSR, but a mechanical relay.

Good to hear things are working again.

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