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I am setting up my new Spark 4 with a fermentation fridge, and I am running into some difficulties. When using the Wizard, I am not able to progress beyond the selection of temperature sensors. I get a “no entry” icon when I try to click next. I have then gone to setting it up manually, but I am not able to access the channels on my DS2413. When try to open the “advanced” dialogue on the Digital Actuator, I get a blank screen. And when I look at the Digital Actuators they, quite rightly, state that no channels have been selected.

What am I doing wrong?

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If you just updated, have you also reloaded the UI?

In the wizard, during the hardware selection step, if you create a Mock Pins block, can you select the channels from there?

I have reloaded the UI a few times since. Wrt the Mock Pins, then I fail to create the block. I get the response: Error: Request Failed with status code 400.

Regardless of the Mock Pins block creation, I still cannot proceed beyond the fourth screen in the Wizard, the “Assign Hardware Blocks” step.

I have looked at the Digital Actuators setup on my Spark 3 wit functioning temperature control, and here I am also seeing a blank window when I go to the advanced settings.

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log ?

In the UI, could you please recreate the 400 error, and then export the UI logs? (Admin page → system → debugging)

I have run brewblox-ctl log, final line says it has been uploaded to

Attached is the debugging file.

brewblox-logs.json (322 Bytes)

There should be a URL to, where the log is viewable.

Yes, sorry missed that:

It looks like you’re still running an older version of the software. To fix this, run brewblox-ctl update.
Be aware that the update also includes a change of databases, that requires running a migration command.
The output from update will tell you what commands to run.

Hi again, did the update, but the problem persists

Quick update. I have done a couple of refreshes of the UI, and now there appears to be some changes. The Wizard still doesn’t work. I will try the manual build and get back to you.

In the admin page, (system → debugging), what is the UI build date?

Sorry for the late reply, reality took over. The build date is 2021-10-14T11:10:00.467Z.

I have built the temperature control for the fermentation chamber manually and everything is working as it should, apart from the Wizard but that is not so critical now for me.

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The wizard should be fixed now.