DIN rail mount screws too short?

I can’t install your DIN rain mount without taking the back cover of the I/O module off. The screws are too short to reach through the cover. Your on line picture however, show it installed over the rear I/O module cover……

What’s your intent here?


The screws should be long enough. If they are not, we might have used the wrong ones.
The IO module should have 10mm screws, but maybe we accidentally used 8mm (which is used for the Spark)?

All of the rear cover screws that came with the IO module and all the screws that came with the DIN rail mount are 8mm.

What’s the thread size so I can try to get a couple locally.
I just placed an order for some temp sensors. If it hasn’t shipped and you could throw in a couple 10mm screws I would appreciate it.


I just placed an order for an IO module and extra temp one wire sensor. Order # 100008511.

If you can throw in a few screws, I would be appreciative.