Disable Brewblox (but leave it installed)

I ported my brewblox install to a new Raspberry Pi, but I would like to keep my old installation.
Is there a way to disable the installation and prevent it from autostarting upon boot / reboot, so I can use it as a fallback option but I would have to start it manually?


If you run brewblox-ctl down, it should not start on boot unless you added a custom cron/systemd job.

Okay, thanks! Thought I had done that and then discovered that it was still running, but I might have done some weird things in between while trying to migrate, so I’ll just check if it stays down now.

Thanks for your quick answer, Bob! :slight_smile:

Do I understand this correctly, that there is no need to run brewblox-ctl down before shutdown the raspberrypi? And after starting de raspberrypi there is no need to start with brewblox-ctl up since it is auto starting?

That’s correct, with the caveat that it’s never a good idea to ahut the Pi down by unplugging it, and doubly so if you have services running.

Brewblox will also only autostart if you did not explicitly stop it by running brewblox-ctl down.

Thanks for your answer. Could you please explain what you mean with services running? If you mean the services within brewblox, such as spark and tilt services would it not be possible to shutdown the raspberrypi without out first “brewblox-ctl down”? And with shutdown I mean te proper way “sudo shutdown -h now” and not pulling the plug!

Yes, “services” refers to Brewblox services such as history, tilt, and spark.

You can indeed shut down the Pi without first running brewblox-ctl down. Brewblox will autostart if you did not run brewblox-ctl down before shutdown.

Thanks a lot for the VERY quick reply!
All clear now.