Documentation for old BrewPi (1?)

I have just bought a second hand BrewPi and I am just looking into how it works and how I can make a nice fermentation chamber with this. It came with two solid state relays and two 230Vac sockets but I want to convert the fridge I bought and I think I go for method 2.

I see that the current hardware (and software) is evolved a lot but since I just started brewing this BrewPi will do just fine!

I think it is the first generation BrewPi (it is a Raspberry Pi Rev 2 model B I think with a Arduino and looking at the pictures of the case) but I cannot find much documentation (anymore). I found a assembly guide though but mine is already assembled so this is not what I am looking for (

Can someone help me with some links to old documentation or answering my questions:

  1. What is the latest software which can run on this hardware? And how can I update the version I have (I don’t know if and how to check my current software version)
  2. What are the options I have with the two spare actuators (one is cooling and the second one is heating)
  3. What is the Door IO? Is it an input to read the status of the door? What will the BrewPi do in this case?

To prevent confusion about hardware: typically you have a server (the Pi), and a controller (Arduino, Spark v1 / v2 / v3).

We no longer support the Arduino and the Spark v1. You can upgrade the Spark v1 to a v2 by exchanging the central chip for a Particle Photon. For Arduino the brewpi-less fork of the old software is still maintained.
We no longer sell the Spark v2, but it’s still supported.

If you have a Spark v2 / v3, we recommend installing Brewblox ( It’s a complete rewrite of the BrewPi software, with a lot more functionality.

Brewblox will support any and all actuators you can connect to your Spark. For detailed answers about what you can or can’t do with surplus actuators and the Door IO in the BrewPi stack you’ll need @Elco.

Your answer does not apply to the Arduino version, I recommend following the guide for brewpi-remix, a fork of the Arduino version with some updates to streamline the installation.

Thanks for your reply @Bob_Steers and @Elco!

I already understood that it was not supported anymore but I stilled hoped old documentation was available but I couldn’t find BrewPi remix (or didn’t recognize it as such).


Did you try googling it? is the first result for me.

Sorry, you misunderstood me. I meant I couldn’t find Brewpi remix before I opened this topic! After your hint I could, that was the point I wanted to make.

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