Does the BrewPi Spark need to be connected to the RPi via USB?

Well, sorry if this is a silly question. I have some experience with the Arduino based BrewPi, but since documentation on the new BrewPi Spark is sparse I’m not finding answers to my questions.

Since the Spark Core has WiFi onboard I was wondering if you can keep the BrewPi and the webserver separated and let them communicate via the local network (Spark via WiFi and webserver via LAN).
If so, I could simply attach the BrewPi to my fermentation fridge and keep a RPi in my network cabinet wired to the switch.


I believe the BrewPI Spark currently needs a USB connection to the RaspberryPI, put that plans are to move towards WIFI based communication.

@brianpedersen OK, I’ll have to lay out a network cable to the brew room then :smile:


Or you could put a $15 WIFI dongle in the raspberry PI :slight_smile:

@brianpedersen That is true, but I don’t like the clutter of wires and boxes and power supplies and … around my fridge. I’ll have to take a look at how to make this a bit less messy.

  • Niels

Niels, I had the same issue. I’m a certified wireless network administrator, and since the spark is wifi enabled I assumed the web interface would talk to it via a wireless connection. Embarrassed to say it took me like 4 days to figure out I should just plug in the USB. Working great now with RPi2 and dev firmware release, for fridge constant and beer constant usage.

I’ve had it in test set-up (BrewPi with sensors and RPi) for a few days and yesterday I made a preliminary build using a cheap dual relay module. Friday I will give it some wort to ferment :slight_smile:

I noticed however that if you reboot the RPi while the BrewPi is attached via USB (and powered that way) that the BrewPi can turn into a screen calibration mode. It results in the RPi not running the script and showing a “Invalid mode” error. When it finally finds the BrewPi the beer constant and fridge constant temps are set to 48 °C.


Has there been any progress toward making the spark communicate with the server via wifi? I assumed that was the reason wifi on the spark was touted as an advantage in the first place. I’d love to have my web server run on my linux box so I can avoid buying an RPi altogether. Thanks!

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