Does the Spark 3 require a raspberry pi?

Searched the topics and saw the beginners startup shopping list, but the last information on this that I could find otherwise was this post from 10/2015.

Do I actually require a raspberry pi to operate the spark, or can I operate the temperature control function without the pi if I don’t want to use the logging functions or remote control ability?

Can I just input my temperature set points on the unit itself and go from there?

I’m less familiar with the original BrewPi software, but under BrewBlox, you need some external service to configure your Spark or change setpoints. The Spark will independently keep steady state, but you can’t change anything using the LCD screen.

You can run the services on most linux-based computers. A Raspberry Pi is a convenient and cheap way to get one, but there are multiple alternatives (one being a Synology NAS).