Double Annotations

On my graphing (as I have seen on other peoples screen shots as well) there are double markers for the same annotation. Is that correct behaviour?

Also, amazed again at the fact the beer and beer setting as exactly the same on this set up, amazing piece of software, thanks @Elco !

When It goes to the double annotations. Yes, it’s the same on my display. It has never bothered me. I see it at a feature that marks very important events :grinning:

But it seems like the beer temp is missing? Do you see the beer temp probe under device confihuration in the maintinance panel?

Checked to make sure they are still assigned correctly, they are just really close …I think

Nope, wait, something is wrong, damn it, better go downstairs and check my connections

Oh well, I wanted lots of the “off” flavours WLP644 makes anyway so the extra temp probably isn’t a big issue…

Seems like it was the start of fermentation and that the spark got into adjusting fridge temp to target instead of beer-temp. My experience is that for ales with ABV around 5 i get approximately 2 degrees C higher temp in the beer than fridge temp.

According to whitelabs 21C is in the low end of optimal, so I guess it will turn out great :beers:

What was the issue? Software or missing connection?

I think as I have the thermowell connector from the store I screwed it in to my bucket but the software didn’t notice it, I rebooted the pi and it came back. It still smells great. Dry hoping it tonight :smile:

I see it at a feature that marks very important events

If double = important, then every event is marked as important; if every event is important no events are important :wink:

High quality beer is very serious to some people, you know!

My guess is that the double annotation will go away if you fill the fridge with soda. :wink: