Ds2408 advice and feedback

I’m having some ds2408s shipped to me and was wondering if anyone had any advice on them. I’ve used ds2413s in the past and was wondering if they are basically the same in the hookup and use. Are there any other components that I’d need to start using them in my projects. Also I was wondering if the ds2413 library in the arduino hex will also recognize the ds2408 as I’d like to get to work playing with them before I’m able to get a brewpi spark.

I believe there are differences although not significant. Elco has already ported my DS2413 driver over to the DS2408. You can find the sources here - https://github.com/BrewPi/firmware/tree/develop/platform/spark/devices/DS2408

(Please note the “devices” folder will be renamed to “modules” soon.)