DS2413 Sensor on Photon Shield

I would like to sense the door open switch and then trigger a digital output to switch on some leds, alarm etc.
I have added a DS2413 to the onewire bus, connecting the door switch to channel one.
I have recompiled master, adding #define DS2413_SUPPORT_SENSE 1 and #define BREWPI_DS2413 1 to ConfigDefault.h
In device configuration, both the 2413 channels are detected, but only as output devices.
Am I doing something wrong, how can I configure an input sensor on the shield?

There is a bug in the current release. I have refactored the actuator code in the latest release, but there are many changes to the actuators, so I don’t think it will easily merge into the master branch. It will be fixed in the next release. Can you live without the door sensor until then? It is probably not worth the effort to fix it now.

No problem, look forward to the next release, good to know it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.