Dutch household circuit amperage?

Good morning,

What is the typical amperage of household circuits in the Netherlands?

I just moved to Delft to do a PhD from the US and intend to continue brewing. Sadly I had to sell/give away most of my equipment. I built an all in one electric BIAB system sized for 3 gallons/12 liters. I need a 240 V compatible heating element and want to get one that will allow me to upgrade to 5 gallon/19 liter batches. I am looking at the 3500 W element that BrewPi sells but I’m unsure of how much I need to limit it’s output power to avoid blowing a fuse.


The most common fuse in the Netherlands is 16 amps. In some older buildings (I think from 1950 - 1960 ish) 10 amp fuses were used. A 3500 watt heating element is the maximum for a 16 amp fuse. Normally the voltage in the Netherlands is something like 235V. With the 3500 watt heating element the current is about 15 amps, you should be fine I think.

Thanks! My place was built in the 90’s so I should be good.