E-BIAB System, Help

Hi Elco,

Been a while since I’ve been on the forum, looking to downsize to a single vessel system. Just placed an order for the spark 4, looking through the current wizards I don’t see anything for a E-Biab (K-Rims) setup. What’s the best way to implement an E-Biab system?
Will be using a spike brewing systems Spike-One (kettle and metal basket), kettle sensor, second sensor on the return side, and a pump for recirculation.


I would use a sensor near the heating element and a sensor as close to ‘the middle of the wort’ as you can.

Then use a cascaded PID setup and treat your BIAB as a RIMS, where the bottom of the kettle is the RIMS.
This gives you these advantages:

  • The temperature at the hottest point near the element is actively controlled.
  • The bottom of the kettle temperature can be limited to x above the setpoint, instead of the possibility that it keeps rising if you have insufficient flow and the bottom heats up, but this doesn’t reach the mash.

So the RIMS wizard is a good starting point I think for now. You just have to shuffle things around a bit in the layout editor and pick different names in the wizard.

Thanks Elco. Will play around with it.