Edge release 2019/07/23

Firmware release date: 2019/07/25

We’re pushing some fixes in firmware, and the first of some new features in the Builder widget.

When brewing, processes often require physical changes to your layout (eg. when using detachable hoses).
This can’t be easily expressed in a single Builder, so we added the ability to quickly switch between layouts.

Hotfix 2019/07/25

  • Fixed a bug where constrained motor valves would work incorrectly.


  • Introducing Layouts in the Builder widget.
    • Layouts are collections of parts, and are kept globally.
    • Each Builder can select one or more Layouts, and change between them like a slide show.
    • The Builder editor can toggle between all available Layouts.
    • Existing configurations are automatically migrated to a new Layout.
  • Made multiple improvements to the reliability of runtime firmware updates.
    • Some of them are firmware-side, so you’ll only notice them during the next update.
    • Changed the LED color during runtime firmware updates from orange to purple.
    • Now immediately throws an error if you try to update while the service is not connected.
  • Fixed a bug where Digital Actuators would lose the link to the pin channel after a reboot.
  • A retry is scheduled when connection is lost to a Spark service.
    • If the retry restores connection, the notification will be automatically closed.

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Great update, playing with the Builder widget, not sure what you have planned but curious if a “step view” control or similar could be added to the tool list. Widget in a widget, bit neater than overlaying?

Yes, integration is planned. We want the builder to be a valid interface for daily use.
Development is based on taking small steps, so you’ll likely see more features implemented as standalone widget before being integrated.

Thanks Bob sounds great.

Pushed a firmware hotfix for Motor Valves.

Firmware development is now on hold for the next three weeks - Elco is enjoying a well-deserved holiday.

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