Edge release 2019/07/30

Firmware release date: 2019/07/25

This release is all about the UI. We implemented a handful of feature requests, and did some additional tinkering on the Brewery Builder.

We like where the Builder is headed in terms of features, but performance is becoming an issue. We’ll likely re-evaluate the flow calculations soon, to make everything much more snappy.


  • Added a warning to the Motor Valve widget when 12V is disabled (Spark 3 only).
    • You can also toggle this in the Spark Pins widget.
    • 12V is disabled by default, to prevent accidental damage to 5V peripherals.
  • You can now select multiple parts in the Brewery Builder.
    • Drag to select in a square.
    • Click on a part to select/unselect it.
    • Click on the grid to unselect all.
    • Selected parts can be copied/moved/removed using the respective tools.
  • Added Undo button to the Brewery Builder.
    • Changes to the currently open layout are tracked.
    • Removed an earlier change where the delete tool would not be persisted.
  • The center shelf position in the Fridge Part is now configurable.
  • In the Builder Editor, moved the coordinate numbers from individual parts to the left and top edges of the grid.
  • Fixed a graphical bug in toolbars where title text would overflow.
  • Widget warnings now have a max width.
    • This prevents widgets in the service page suddenly all becoming much wider.
  • Constraints now show a separate message if no constraints are configured.
    • “Not limited” is still shown if constraints are configured, but not limiting.
  • When editing dashboard IDs, the ID is now validated to prevent unreachable URLs.
  • Default labels in the Graph and Metrics widgets are now prettified.
    • spark/sensor-1/value[degC] becomes sensor-1 value °C.
    • You can still edit labels to give them custom names.
  • In the Graph widget, line colors are now editable.
  • Objects in the relation diagram now have a hover effect.
    • This should increase visibility that they are clickable.
  • Made block warnings more consistent.
    • A warning is now also shown if the target is not set (eg. PID is not driving anything).

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