Edge release 2019/08/22

Firmware release date: 2019/08/20

To make it easier to edit the configuration, we added a web-based editor for the docker-compose.yml file.
You can start it by running brewblox-ctl editor, and visiting the Pi IP at port 8300.

To avoid redirection issues we’ve moved the UI to the /ui/ subdirectory. If you navigate to https://PI_ADDRESS you’ll be automatically redirected. This fixes multiple issues with accessing the datastore on startup.


  • Added the editor command to brewblox-ctl.
  • Moved UI address root from / to /ui.
  • Pinned Docker image versions for external services (datastore, influx, and traefik).
  • Fixed erronous period stretching in the firmware when PWM duty alternates between under and over 50%.
  • Added ?safe URL parameter to disable loading remote plugins.
    • This allows removing plugins that prevent the UI from rendering.
  • Improved the Step view diff tooltip.
    • Actuator state is now printed as Active,Inactive,Unknown instead of a number.
    • Changed values are now rendered with old values in red, and new values in green.
    • Unchanged values are now rendered as a single value, instead of old => new.
  • Fixed a bug in Builder where a new part would be placed at an incorrect location.
  • Disabled the Editor button in IE/Edge browsers due to a breaking bug.
  • Improved help texts in the Builder settings screen.
  • Third-party plugins can now register Builder parts.
    • We’ll be working to allow third-party plugins to acces helper functions.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would return a 200 status code for /datastore and /history endpoints if the datastore/history service is not (yet) online.
  • Fixed a bug where changing duration in a Block graph would not re-render the graph.

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