Edge release 2019/10/10

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Edge release 2019/10/10

Firmware release date: 2019/09/16

We’re happy with how we can open a block in a dialog from anywhere in the UI, but there were some drawbacks.
Most notably, dialogs always used the (more extensive) settings component.

To fix this, we reworked how widgets are rendered. Most widgets can now easily toggle between simple and full modes, both when displayed on a dashboard, and in a dialog.
Toolbar buttons have been tweaked to make accessing settings smoother.

In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing all widgets.

  • The basic view is for day-to-day use: settings and values that you want to see during a brew day.
  • The full view is for configuration: setting up and tuning your system.

While we were at it, we also improved the Spark service page. The index and the widgets now scroll independently.
When selecting a widget in the index, the displayed widget will automatically scroll in view.


  • All widgets can now toggle between Basic and Full mode
    • The settings button on the widget toolbar will now toggle the widget to Full.
    • Clicking the settings button again will open the settings in a dialog.
  • Improved the Spark service page.
    • The index and widgets are now elements that scroll separately.
    • Click on an element in the index to make it visible in the right-hand scroll area.
    • Click the check button on the left to collapse the widget - it will no longer be shown on the right.
  • Blocks without links are now shown in the Spark relations diagram.
  • Builder parts with links now display a warning if they have a broken link.
  • Fixed a bug in Setpoint Profile where the Graph would not resize after a warning disappeared.
  • Added an express mode to brewblox-ctl install. This will install with default settings, and disable the the following commands will be used prompt.
  • Improved wording in brewblox-ctl prompts to clarify that immediately pressing enter will choose the default value.
  • Added a button to switch the Block in a Step View change while keeping the changed fields.
  • Added an option to restore names of discovered blocks when removing all blocks in the Spark Service page.
    • This is useful for resetting your system without having to figure out the physical position of New|TempSensorOneWire-1 again.
    • The following types can be restored: OneWire Temp Sensor, DS2408, DS2413.
  • Added an option to save a text file with hardware links when removing all blocks in the Spark Service page.
    • This can serve as reminder which pins were used by which actuator.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly marked some Step View steps as not active if they contained PID setting changes.
  • Shuffled some items in the sidebar.
    • Added a quick button for the Builder Editor.
    • Moved the dashboards and services up, and placed the Quick Start and Builder Editor items below them.
    • Placed the plugins button at the bottom, next to the debug button.
  • Added a button in the Builder Editor to create a widget showing the current layout.
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Nice. So Quasar 1.2 for next release :slight_smile:

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Probably. We’re currently on 1.1, and there are no must-have changes in 1.2, but we run a dependency update every month or so.

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How do we check in which release are we? I just found this flag BREWBLOX_CFG_VERSION=0.2.2

In the Spark service page is a widget that shows the firmware build date.

You can find the UI version in the debug button at the bottom of the sidebar. I’m afraid that making that version number more human-readable is still on the todo list.

Thanks @Bob_Steers. So what I should check is the firmware date right and ignore the UI version?

Depends on what you need the version for. The UI is updated more frequently than the firmware (current release uses a firmware build from a few weeks ago).

The latest edge release should have a UI version that includes .g5625037

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