Edge release 2019/10/17

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Edge release 2019/10/17

Firmware release date: 2019/10/14

The Builder editor was functional, but somewhat clunky at times.
We often saw users being surprised by what happened when they clicked in the grid, because they didn’t realise they still had a specific tool active.

To combat this, we split the tools between modes, and tools.

modes function like tools used to: a persistent mode that determines what happens when you click or drag in the grid.

  • Select: click or drag to select or unselect part. (No changes here).
  • Interact: click on parts to interact with them - this toggles valves or opens block dialogs. (No changes here either).

tools are now immediate actions that modify parts that are currently selected or under the cursor.
You can trigger a tool by either selecting the target parts and clicking on the button, or selecting/hovering target parts and using the keyboard shortcut.

  • New: immediately opens the block catalog. After selecting a part in the catalog, click in the grid to place it.
  • Move: selected or hovered parts are attached to the cursor. Click in the grid to place them.
  • Copy: same as Move, except that parts are copied.
  • Rotate: floating, selected or hovered part is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. (Does nothing if multiple parts are selected.)
  • Flip: floating, selected or hovered part is flipped. (Does nothing if multiple parts are selected.)
  • Edit Settings: opens part settings for selected or hovered part. (Does nothing if multiple parts are selected.)
  • Interact: interacts with selected or hovered part. (Does nothing if multiple parts are selected.)
  • Delete: removes selected or hovered parts.

On the whole, this should offer a smoother and more intuitive editing experience.


  • Overhauled Builder editor tools.
    • Split tools in modes and tools (described above).
    • Automatically detect when the editor loses focus, to clearly display when keyboard shortcuts won’t register.
    • Added redo button.
    • undo and redo are now triggered by ctrl+Z / ctrl+Y.
    • Moved the layout actions and selector to the toolbar.
  • Renamed many builder parts to follow a common convention, and allow sensible grouping when sorted.
  • Added the Label: text part to go along with Label: URL (previously Url Display).
  • Simplified the naming task in Quick Start wizards. Now it just asks to pick a prefix and a dashboard name.
  • Quick Start wizards now always create a new dashboard.
  • Added a toggle to the Spark service page, to show blocks either in a list (previous behaviour), or in a relations diagram.
  • Added a build date to the debug menu in the sidebar, to help identify the currently installed release.
  • When visiting the Spark IP in the browser, it now also shows its unique device ID.
  • Fixed a bug in the Glycol wizard that would not allow the user to create a configuration without a glycol sensor.


Have a classic fermentation setup going. When I activate constant fridge temp, the PIDs will still show the beer sensor temp. Had to change the Ferment Fridge settings widget to have the sensor block show the Fridge sensor. That may have been a default settings fault and something to look at.

When did you run the wizard? We have made multiple changes the last few weeks.

Could you please export the widgets by visiting https://SPARK_IP/datastore/brewblox-ui-store/_all_docs?include_docs=true and saving the output to file?

I think that was a couple of weeks ago. Don’t want to do it again now as a test because I am mid fermentation. Just thought I’d bring it up because it’s a quick thing to check for you.

Also, is it correct that the screen auto centers? That is giving some issues when viewing on screen with smaller resolution that the one you built the page on.
Is it possible to make it so that left side is correct and if there is more to see you would scroll to the right?


I double-checked our fermentation test setup, and there it correctly switches sensors when switching beer/fridge constant mode.
There’s no need to run the wizard again, but I would like to see the configuration to check what’s causing your problem - that the latest version is working as intended doesn’t mean the bug wasn’t there a few weeks ago.

Which screen do you refer to? Dashboards? The Builder Editor? (A screenshot would be lovely)

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It’s fixed now - i changed the widget so that when I select fridge mode it changes the sensor to fridge sensor. I’ve updated since then so I don’t think an export will help you?

Regarding the screen, I’ll upload a screenshot later!

The wizard generates the dashboard and the quick actions. Updating after you have run the wizard does not change the dashboard or the actions, you would have to regenerate it.

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