Edge release 2019/12/03

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Edge release 2019/12/03

Firmware release date: 2019/12/03

While the initial installation by now is pretty smooth, editing docker-compose.yml has a steeper learning curve.

To counteract this we moved some configuration, and added two commands to brewblox-ctl: discover and add-spark.

brewblox-ctl discover scans USB/Wifi for devices, and will print the ones it found.


pi@fridgepi:~/brewblox $ brewblox-ctl discover
usb 280038000847343337373738 Photon
wifi 280038000847343337373738 8332
wifi 240024000451353432383931 8332

brewblox-ctl add-spark will create a new Spark service in docker-compose.yml.
It accepts multiple arguments, some mandatory, some optional.

For reference, see the updated docs for adding a spark and connection settings.

Example call:

steersbob@BrewBox:~/brewblox$ brewblox-ctl add-spark
How do you want to call this service? The name must be unique: new-spark
Discovering devices...
device 1 :: wifi 280038000847343337373738 8332
device 2 :: wifi 240024000451353432383931 8332

Which device do you want to use? [press ENTER for default value '1']2

Added Spark service "new-spark".
You can now add it as service in the UI.

For those cases when docker-compose.yml still needs to be changed, we moved the system services to docker-compose.shared.yml, to reduce cognitive load when editing.


  • Added brewblox-ctl discover
  • Added brewblox-ctl add-spark
  • Moved system services to their own file (docker-compose.shared.yml)
  • Added / updated documentation for adding and using multiple services
  • The --device-id flag in the Spark service configuration is now checked when connecting to a controlller.
    • This allows it to be used in combination with --device-host.
  • Prettified Quick Actions editor
  • Fixed a bug in glycol wizard actions
  • Updated firmware system layer (Particle device-os) to 1.4.3, which fixes a thread switching bug. To automatically download the latest system layer from the Particle cloud, your Spark must be connected to WiFi. It will not start until it has updated the system layer from the cloud.

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