Edge release 2019/12/06

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Edge release 2019/12/06

Firmware release date: 2019/12/03

A smaller release again, with some fixed bugs, and a handful of display improvements.

To make it easier to find sessions, they can now have tags. When selecting sessions you can search to filter by name, date, or tag.


  • Added tags to Session Log sessions
  • You can now close the current session in Session log to return to initial state (no selected session)
  • PWM/PID displays in builder are now postfixed with %/°C.
    • Support for Fahrenheit when the PID is using a Setpoint Driver is still on the backlog.
  • PID displays in builder now display a different icon (±) when driving a Setpoint Driver.
  • Fixed a bug in quick actions where the change editor would close every time blocks were refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug where the side graph in a block dialog would exit and not resume when the full-screen graph was opened.
  • Fixed a bug where side graphs would not resize when basic/full mode was toggled in a block dialog.
  • Added help text to discover and add-spark commands
  • The plaato service now has an install script.
  • brewblox-ctl update will prompt for pruning images at the start, not halfway in.
    • Due to how brewblox-ctl updates itself, this will take effect in the next update.
  • Improved rendering when there is a large number of dashboards.
    • Dashboards will no longer scroll in front of the bottom buttons in the sidebar
    • In wizards, a dropdown will be shown if there is a large number of dashboard options.

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