Edge release 2019/12/23

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Edge release 2019/12/23

Firmware release date: 2019/12/17

Firmware release date: 2019/12/24
Hotfix for incorrect initialization of top1 and top2 pins, reported by @dancook on this forum.


  • Added annotations for graphs in session log
    • Open the graph and click on a line to add/edit an annotation
    • You may have to open/close the graph before the annotation shows. This will be fixed soon.
  • Updated system layer in firmware.
  • Fixed a bug in how spark pins are claimed / released.
  • Fixed a bug in how graph notes are exported in session log
  • Fixed a bug in build where source parts would disappear while dragging to copy parts
  • Fixed a bug in builder where flow was calculated incorrectly if there were multiple parallel pumps
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Hi Bob! Did the update and after reopening browser received the popup for the firmware update. Did that and it indicated success, however, right away after that the firmware popup showed again. I am afraid that I’ll break something if I do it again. What do you think?

It’'s giving me Failed to discover objects on spark-one: Bad Gateway now

If you wait a few seconds, and refresh the page, is it still there? The controller reboots after an update, and the service will need to reconnect.

Yeah waited a few minutes. Went downstairs and found the spark had blanked. Reset power to it, led underneath blinked several colors a few times and eventually booted up.

How long ago was your previous update? The blinking may have been it downloading a new bootloader.

f436538d As firmware and today’s date so that looks good. Weird that the spark got stuck rebooting then.

I don’t think I’ve ever missed an update.

Will make a note of it. Behaviour sounds like it decided it needed to download something from the particle cloud because we updated dependencies in the firmware.

We’re already not terribly happy with those automated downloads: they require wifi to be enabled, and it’s not uncommon for them to get stuck.

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Hi Bob,

Just noticed today that the BrewPi is randomly rebooting. Not sure if it is as a result of this very latest update. I just happened to be in the garage for a short time and it beeped and restarted twice.

brewblox-errors.json (1.1 KB) brewblox-errors.json

Please run “brewblox-ctl log” instead.


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