Edge release 2020/01/02

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Edge release 2020/01/02

Firmware release date: 2019/12/24

First of all: happy new year everyone!

As of this release, we officially support mobile devices.
This update fixes the UI elements we identified as being broken on small screens. Any newly reported issues will be treated as bugs, and given due priority.

One exception is the Builder Editor. While technically it now works on mobile, it’s pretty much unusable. For this reason, we’ve hidden UI links to the editor on small screens.
Builder widgets in dashboards are still shown, and now automatically resize the layout to fit the widget/screen.


  • The UI automatically switches to mobile mode if the screen is less than 1000px wide.
    • This applies both when opening the UI on a small device, or resizing the browser window.
  • In mobile mode, some elements behave differently:
    • Widget/wizard dialogs are always maximized.
    • Dashboards are rendered as list.
    • In the Spark service page, only the block index is shown. Clicking on it will open the block in a dialog.
    • Graphs are given a fixed height to prevent rendering issues.
    • The Builder editor is hidden.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with elements not scrolling correctly.
  • The displayed layout in the builder widget now automatically resizes to match the widget.
    • To fix alignment issues in your layout, adjust the grid size in the builder editor.
    • We updated the default grid size for layouts generated in Quick Start wizards.
  • Redesigned toolbar buttons on dashboard and service pages.
  • Graphs now consistently re-render when widget is resized due to:
    • window resize
    • sidebar open/close
    • device rotation
  • Fixed double display of “this PID is disabled” warning in full PID widget.
  • Fixed warnings in Setpoint Profile having a lighter background color.
  • Fixed varying widget widths in the Spark service page.
  • Placed index buttons for dashboard/builder/wizard in the sidebar
  • Builder editor is now implemented as a page, and not a dialog.
  • Redesigned/moved the sidebar buttons for navigating to dashboards/builder/wizards.
  • Added option in the builder sidebar to prevent the “Click to resume editing” warning.
    • You still need to refocus the screen before you can use shortcuts.
  • Added a layout selection menu to the Builder widget toolbar.
    • This includes a dropdown with all known layouts, and a list with starred layouts.
    • You can star/unstar layouts in the dropdown.
  • Removed “full” version of the Builder widget (made redundant by the layout selection menu).
  • Reduced timeout in service <-> controller communication to prevent reboots caused by dropped messages.


  • You can now open the builder editor by doubleclicking in the background of a builder widget.

I’m really happy with these changes, thank you! Checking my fermentation on my iPad just became much easier!

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Since doing the update the builder widget on one of my dashboards has changed size.

It used to fill the panel and now it is only this size or smaller if I re-size the widget.

Is there a way to zoom the image?

Display size is now linked to grid dimensions in the editor. I imagine that if you edit the layout, it has lots of white space in its editor grid.
Reduce grid width/height there to improve rendering in the widget.


Perfect, that’s sorted it. Great work… :+1:

Have eagerly awaited this update for a while now, great job!

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