Edge release 2020/01/20

Edge release 2020/01/20

Firmware release date: 2020/01/17

This release, we’re happy to introduce the new Brewblox logo.

We’ve also fixed some longstanding bugs in how Safari displays Builder layouts.


  • Added the new Brewblox logo.
    • This is displayed in the UI, and on the Spark boot screen.
  • Firmware build date is now displayed on the Spark boot screen.
  • Added the brewblox-ctl save-backup command.
    • This creates a zip file in brewblox/backup/ with datastore and Spark export files.
    • We will soon add the corresponding load-backup command.
  • Fixed a bug in history where the wrong dataset was displayed in graphs for data with a very low update rate.
  • Fixed Builder icons being displayed in the top left in Webkit browsers (Safari).
  • Added an overview of previous notifications.
    • This can be accessed by clicking the bell icon in the bottom right of the UI.
  • A warning is now shown if the flow calculation in Builder exited early due to an overly complex layout.
  • Updated the icon used for heating PIDs in the Builder.
  • Dashboard / service / layout title is now shown as page title in the browser.

Congratulations on the new logo, looks good! Immediately backup made to transfer data to a backup SD card. Great feature!

Thanks for the hard work.

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