Edge release 2020/02/12

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Edge release 2020/02/12

Firmware release date: 2020/01/17

During development of the new website, we discovered the existence of a whole spectrum of colors not called $dark, $dark_darker, $dark_bright, or $darkish. We sprinkled some of them over the UI and brewblox-ctl.

As a happy side effect of implementing the automation service, we added auto discovery of Spark services. Any active Spark service in your docker-compose network will automatically show up in the UI sidebar. Click on it to add it as UI service.

Brewblox-ctl has been made significantly less spammy. You are still prompted at the start of commands (and can still disable that), but it now offers to do a dry run.

Dry running a command will print all shell commands / config changes to the terminal instead of executing them.
If you enable verbose mode, it will both print and execute.


  • Implemented new color palette in UI.
  • Reworked widget styling.
  • Reworked widget/dialog toolbars.
    • Click the toolbar to edit widget title / block name / service title.
  • Improved scroll behavior and styling.
  • Improved wrapping behavior in small widgets.
  • Spark services are automatically discovered.
  • A green/yellow/red indicator for service status is shown in the sidebar.
  • Removed service wizards.
  • (Developers): Significant changes to interfaces used by plugins.
    • See brewblox-plugin for descriptions and examples.
  • Unpinned widgets no longer jump when being resized.
  • Reworked brewblox-ctl to add more options, and reduce spam.
  • Added --quiet, --verbose, and --dry-run flags to brewblox-ctl.
  • Use the --dry-run option, or answer d / dry-run in a prompt to have the command print its actions instead of executing them.
  • Added env commands to brewblox-ctl to list/get/set values in .env.
  • Moved brewblox-ctl save-backup to brewblox-ctl backup save.
  • Added brewblox-ctl backup load.
  • Moved brewblox-ctl editor and brewblox-ctl ports to the brewblox-ctl service group.
  • Added brewblox-ctl service remove and brewblox-ctl service show.
  • Added brewblox-ctl follow to see service logs.
  • Added help texts throughout brewblox-ctl.
  • brewblox-ctl service editor will now show an address you can directly copy to your browser to visit the editor GUI.

Great changes. Like the color additions and looks of the PID, Actuator and PWM blocks.

Well done and thanks!

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Looks great but the display sensors rounding four decimal places. image

Looks like it’s displaying the value twice. I’ll look into it.

I tried to duplicate and with success, for me it’s visible when I display a sensor using the Builder. It’ll show up this way in Builder as well as on the dashboard.

Found the issue: it’s getting the wrong value for the unit notation. That unrounded value should read °C / °F.

I fixed it in the development version. It’s not a critical issue, so it’ll be part of the next release.
As the last release was a big one, it’s likely the next release will be small, soon, and mostly filled with fixes and tweaks.

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