Edge release 2020/03/05

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Edge release 2020/03/05

Firmware release date: 2020/03/02

This is a smaller release to fix some issues that popped up after the 2020/03/02 release.

A new feature is that now block widgets can easily be added to the Spark LCD screen.
Quick start wizards will also try and add generated PIDs to the display.


  • Quick start wizards now try to add their PID blocks to the display.
  • Added the “Add to Spark display” action to sensors, setpoints, PWM, and PID blocks. This will attempt to add the block to an available slot on the Spark LCD, and open the display settings in a dialog.
  • The .env file is now included in backups.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong actuators would be listed in the text file created during the Remove all blocks action.
  • Exporting actuator / sensor links is now also available as separate action.
  • Fixed a bug in the Glycol wizard where the backend would interpret a time value as the Planck constant.
  • The Spark service now uses a 60s timeout instead of a fixed number of retry attempts before it restarts.
  • docker-compose.shared.yml is now always copied from defaults during updates
    • If you need to make changes to shared services, you can do so in docker-compose.yml

I’m getting a Cool actuator trying (held back by mutex) to run while the cool PID is negative and it’s PWM is 0. Looks like it was stuck in ON, is that possible? Reconfigured PWM output now and set actuator to OFF manually. Will report further.

Could you please post logs and a graph?

brewblox-logs.json (2 Bytes)

Forgive the oscillations, can’t seem to get it right…graph-Ferment Graph-spark-one-downsample_1h.csv (26.0 KB) graph-PID-spark-one-downsample_1h.csv (42.3 KB)

I’m not sure what happened to your logs file, but it shows up as only containing [].

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (12.9 KB)

I may need to up the power in the heating department. It’s a 50W wire that is heating up a fridge with 40L of beer in the fermenter.

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Hello silly question, I haven’t updated my spark since getting it last year, I read the user guide & im not sure how to shutdown the UI?

Also if I update will I lose my current fermentation blocks & settings etc?

Currently got beers fermenting & I don’t want that to mess up

The UI is one of the services. You don’t really need to worry about shutting it down.

If you’re running an older version, it likely needs to migrate your settings during the update.
We don’t reset blocks during updates, and your Spark controller can independently maintain the temperature setting or profile.
Could you please run brewblox-ctl log? That includes version info.

Again today my Ferment Cool Actuator Desired state is 1 when it shouldn’t be.Cool PID and PWM are 0.

What logs would you like if you want to troubleshoot?

We released a hotfix for the actuator state issue. Please let us know if you still have issues after updating.

Have updated, so far so good. Will report if I run into issues! Thanks for the quick fix guys.

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