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I am very new to the BPi and really need help from someone who will give me a detailed diagram or photos how to hook up my house 220V power into the controller and then how to wire the SSR’s to hookup to my two 5500w heating elements for the HLT and Kettle. I am just not a wiring guy and would like to see a complete set up.

Thanks in advance.


HI Mike;

the BrewPi is just not ready yet for mashing and brewing… i would suggest to wait a little bit longer until it is, guides will be available…
but 5500 watt elements… you do realize you will need a 24 amp connection for this right?

I know there is going to be a guide coming at some point soon that will cover a lot of this so just hang tight.

Also at the end of the day if you aren’t well versed in electrical circuits it may be a good time to call someone in who can assist you. A hit from 220 can leave a mark and really better to be safe than sorry.

If you would like to do some reading on the subject of electrical controller design I would suggest taking a look at http://www.theelectricbrewery.com/ the site has a wealth of knowldge.


Brewpi circuit 1.pdf (28.9 KB)

The PDF Ive uploaded is the circuit diagram I am working off as I build my panel today. For 5.5KW at 220V I would actually recommend more like 32A - I just got a 32A circuit installed in my house in Australia and it cost $300 - not too bad I thought…

My diagram is incorrect in 2 main ways. 1, each output on Bpi has output AND common, so instead of 1 single common returning to the PLC, it will actually be 4. Also, the 3-core AC input coming into my controller will be split up to create a power board to plug my power adaptors for Bpi and Rpi into - this is not shown at all.

The reason I am sharing, is that wiring outputs through SSR’s and sending ‘power’ through a process based circuit isn’t awfully difficult once understood. I recommend reading as much as you can so you understand things, so when you sit down to design with an electrician you get what you want/need - my Father and best mate are both electrical engineers and do this sort of thing for a living daily, but it still took me ages to get to the point of having a simple, but powerful setup that they could make work, and would do what I wanted!

Don’t kill yourself. blah blah blah,

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